Computer Science Engagement Project for Girls


Computer Science

Addressing the gender imbalance in the field

Coding Workshops

CS courses and pursuing careers in the field

+10,000 Students

Grown and developed since its inception in 5 years

CodePlus Workshops

Computer Science education will be promoted through workshops which will introduce the girls to opportunities engaging all aspects of technology design, including coding. The project will be particularly useful in schools which are contemplating introducing the Leaving Certificate Computer Science subject or for schools where students have completed the short course in Coding at Junior Cycle or other STEM related courses.


CodePlus Talks

Links with industry and technology career pathways in Computer Science will be promoted through the aforementioned workshops and through career talks (via webinars or talks in company offices) by female role models working in the tech sector. In the past number of years, partnerships with tech companies have been particularly useful in increasing the participant engagement with the IT industry. For many of our students, there are few opportunities to visit tech companies and or indeed to meet with female role models working in the industry. This aspect of the programme creates an authentic way for students to see the potential career paths open to them in the field of computing.